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Air Duct Cleaning

Air ducts are a very critical part of your home’s air circulation. They determine whether you and your family are breathing clean fresh air or dirty and unhealthy air. It is therefore important to have your air ducts inspected and properly cleaned to ensure continued flow of clean air.

Consider Having Your Air Ducts Cleaned if:

  • Air ducts are infested by pests such as insects and rodents
  • The air ducts have accumulated dirt, dust particles, debris and pet dander
  • There are dust mites and their fecal matter
Note: if any of the above conditions exist, there must be an underlying cause. Therefore, it is important that prior to cleaning, the professional undertakes a thorough inspection of air ducts to correct the cause first, or else the problems will just recur.

The air duct cleaning professionals at Perfect Temp will always leave your home the way they found it, but of course without the air contaminants in your duct system. We use specialized tools and equipment that don’t just blow around the dirt in your air ducts and seal it, but instead thoroughly clean out your entire air duct system.

Dryer Vent Cleaning

Have you been seeking professional and reliable dryer vent cleaning services with no luck? Look no further, at Perfect Temp Rockford we have the skills and professionalism you have been looking for.

Why Should You Have Your Dryer Vent Cleaned?

  • Time and energy saving
    A clogged dryer vent does not allow heat and moisture to escape and freely flow to the outdoors. Because of this the dryer will have to run for a longer cycle time than required. It uses more energy and also increases the wear and tear on your dryer.

  • Decreasing Health Risk
    Debris which includes rodents as well as bird nests in the dryer vent will increase the occurrence of fungi, bacteria, and mold that could cause a number of health problems.

  • Improve Fire Safety
    lint accumulated in the dryer usually contributes to a third of all dryer fires reported on a yearly basis. This happens when hot air builds up in the vent when block by the lint. This hot air in some cases is hot enough to ignite the lint.

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